Independent MObile JOurnalism Showcasing the "mojo" of HOward COunty


HoCoMoJo stands for Howard County Mobile Journalism.
HoCoMoJo is an experiment, a quest to find what's next in community news and information. We believe it's going to be online. It's going to be engaging. It's going to be a two-way conversation, and it's got to be more than just printed words on the page. It will be video, audio, digital photography and interactive rich media.

We believe that Howard County, one of the most educated, affluent, wired communities in the country, is the perfect place for this journey, the evolution of community news and information. We are an active, engaged community, passionate about our neighborhoods, our families, our schools, and our ideals.

We need your help.

Sign up and join the conversation. Contribute photos, videos and stories, add your events to the community calendar, create your own podcast or group, and support our local sponsors. Let us know about newsworthy events. The more you contribute, the more valuable a resource HoCoMoJo is for everyone.

Thanks for joining us. We truly care about this place, and hope that HoCoMoJo proves to be a valuable resource for you and the entire community.

Dave and Ilana Bittner, Founders, HoCoMoJo

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