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I ran into Larry Cohen, a former teacher of mine from Oakland Mills High School, and it got me to thinking...positively. This week's ramble is unscripted so let me know what you think! And please share memories of teachers that had a positive impact on your life.

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I think we all share the experience of having a handful of teachers in our lives who really, truly made a difference, who took an interest in us, challenged us and made us feel valued. I've made an effort, in my adult life, to make sure those teachers know how much I appreciate what they did for me, and what a positive influence they were. I hear stories of their frustration with their curriculum being so bound to standardized testing, they feel like they don't have much time to actually teach.
I enjoyed the new format, Mike - more conversational and impromptu. Both approaches work, though, so I think you should use whichever you prefer.

Throughout my life I’ve had teachers that inspired me, that really walked the talk. In high school it was my government teacher, Mr. Bryan Carr. He never spoke down to students, kept things fun and engaging, and challenged us to learn to apply knowledge and to think (and not just to regurgitate facts). He took the time to come up with creative approaches to learning, and he didn’t just teach us about government, he taught us why it was important.

He went on to become a guidance counselor. I’m thankful that he realized the effect he was already having on students and understood that he could amplify it through changing positions. Still, I’m grateful that I learned about government from him. He passionately believed that every single person has within them the power to make a difference, and he inspired his students to believe it, as well.

Thanks, Mike, for another great podcast!
Good thoughts! I'm sure many teachers struggle with the curriculum/restraints and lack of resources. Here are a few more shout outs: my English teacher at Homestead Elementary School, Mr. Potter. He introduced me to Tolkien, my favorite author, and broke down the Beatles' Eleanor Rigby for our class. At Bel Air Middle School, it was Dr. Scarborough, who appreciated my wit and sarcasm, and serious discussions as well. When I was 15, the set designer for Essex Community College taught me how to hang lights, set gels, and transform a set model to set pieces - building all from scratch for the Harford Opera Company. And at UMBC, it was Carl Schramm, my media teacher, radio station advisor, and mentor who kept me laughing and inspired for four years.


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