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Here's my second podcast for HoCoMoJo. I hope you like it! And I welcome your comments.

You can listen to this podcast here, or by downloading it through the HoCoMoJo podcast feed on iTunes, or the standard RSS feed.
You can also download the MP3 file directly.

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OMG. Yes, there most certainly was a jingle. I remember as a kid that it was such a BIG DEAL to hear this jingle on the radio. One of my childhood memories is being en route to our grandparents' home and hearing -- in The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, no less -- the ad for the Columbia Mall. But I remember the words a little differently. I remember:

We're all in Columbia.
At the mall in Columbia.

...And beyond that, I'm lost.
Ok, so I am coming late to this party....I see Wordbones weighed in. When I joined The Rouse Company in 1981, this jingle was still playing over the mall's PA system. Wordbones is right about the actual words of the jingle; the rest of the wording referred to the anchors which at the time were Woodies and Hochschild Kohn (or maybe it had become Hecht's by that time. Hard to keep up.) Anyway, for those of you who are wondering who the innovative creators of this jingle were - it was Grey Advertising. That's right, a Madison Avenue advertising agency wrote and produced this catchy but admittedly copy simple jingle. The fact that so many still remember it must say something for their marketing savvy........
I love the activity on this particular post. I didn't re-record the podcast, but did attach the jingle and in the comments previous the correct "lyrics":

All in Columbia
At the Mall in Columbia
We're all in Columbia
In Columbia Mall
We're all in Columbia
At the Mall in Columbia
We're all in Columbia...
I realize this is an old thread.  Anyway, I bear some responsibility for the jingle playing in the Mall.  I was with a company that installed background music and in 1978 the Mall was a client.  We gave the Mall admin. the option to play the jingle along with the "normal" background music and we said we could set it up for whatever time interval they wanted: 1 hour..., 30 minutes...  They jumped and said every 15 mins!  We said that would be too much.  Every 30 mins would be the most they would want.  They insisted on every 15.  So the jingle played in the Mall in Columbia every 15 mins.


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